Request for Bids; Yakama Nation's Twisp Field Office roof renovation

Close date: 
Monday, November 21

The Yakama Nation's Twisp field office, located at 10 Piney Woods Rd in Twisp Wa., is requesting bid proposals to replace the existing roof cover and repair/replace damaged supporting layers.  The roof is likely the original (built in 1973) and has several damaged areas and leaks into the building.  The roof is flat and covered by an asphault type top layer and is not fireproof. The project goal is to repair/ replace what is necessary as well as to replace and update the top layer with a fireproof product.  The renovation is needed in early spring 2023.  Actual start date is TBD pending on the removal of an exisitng chimney, contracted separately,  and prevailing weather conditions.

Project components:  

Remove and replace exisitng asphalt roofing material with new roofing membrane (Duro-Last 50 mil or similar)

Replace all damaged plywood and fascia, trims, flashing

Install fireproof underlayment

Contractor responsible for desposal of all materials

Key Dates:
11/9/2022 - Site vist at the Piney Woods office starting at 10 AM. 

11/21/2022 - Bids for the project are due in Toppenish by CLOSE OF BUSINESS.  Only hardcopy proposals submitted via certified mail through the Unites States Post Office to the Yakama Nation Fisheries Post Office Box will be accepted.  Bids should be mailed to:

Yakama Nation Fisheries
Attn:  Tana Hoptowit
RE:  Twisp Field office roof renovation
PO Box 151
Toppenish, WA  98948

Additional Information:

  • Davis Bacon Wages Apply to this contract.  The winning contractor will adhere to the Davis Bacon rules and comply and submit all necessary paperwork to the Yakama Nation
  • Please see the attached sample Construction Services Agreement.