Request for Proposal - Pineywoods Construction

Close date: 
Monday, August 16


RFP Open Date: August 9, 2021

Site Visit Date: By request

Proposal Due Date: August 16, 2021

Project abstract:

Demolition of Quonset Hut and Construction of New 24' x 40' x 14' Enclosed Building

Contract Description:

This project is designed to tear down and remove an existing twenty-four foot by thirty-six foot Quonset hut and construct a new twenty-four foot by fourty foot, enclosed building.  This project will take place at the Yakama Nation Office located in Twisp.  All work on this project will be directed by Yakama Nation's Designated Representative, Kraig Mott.   Project Tasks are itemized below.  

Project Tasks

  •  Task 1 - Permits, Plans and Applications

             Description:  Contractor will have applied for the Site Analysis Application with Okanogan County.  Contractor will have permits and building plans completed and in-hand. 

  •  Task 2 - Disconnect OCEC power to Quonset Hut

             Description: Contractor will cut power to Quonset hut prior to tare down.  Work has begun.  

  •  Tasks 3 - Tear down Quonset Hut

             Description: Contractor will tear down Quonset hut, remove concrete pad (24'x36') and deliver all waste to Okanogan County land fill or appropriate waste facility.

  • Take 4 - Building Materials at Site Location

            Desription: Machinery, building equipment and tools, lumber, roof trusses, steel roofing and steel siding are on-site. 

  • Task 5 - Structural Completion

            Description:  A 24' x 40' x 14' (W, L, H) building is to include one electric 16' x 12' door, four vinyl windows (4'x3'), two foot overhangs with vented soffits, eight 20 Amp 120 Volt outlets, one 50 Amp 240 volt outlet, replace existing outlet with a 100 amp 120/240 volt breaker and 100 Amp 120/240 volt panel, eight inside overhead LED fixtures and two outdoor LED fixtures, one metal entry door, new 24'x40'x4" concrete floor with gravel base, 6' x 8' concrete perma colums (no wood in the ground), eight inside overhead LED fixtures and two outdoor LED fixtures.  Walls to be insulated.  Final outside appearance (metal) must be the same color as the adjacent shop.  Breaker box is installed and power to irrigation box is connected.  

  • Task 6 - Clean up

            Description: Clean-up and removal of any waste is complete to include nails, screws, metal, wood, insulation, any and all waste from construction.  

For any questions concerning this RFP, please contact Kraig Mott, and 509-670-1086.  The Yakama Nation will be accepting bids for this project until the close of business on Monday, August 16, 2021 in hardcopy or email form.  By the close of business on August 16, each contractor must have completed and submitted a comprehensive bid sheet and that all bid prices will be valid for 180 days.  All construction work must be completed by February 15, 2022.  All competative bid materials must be sent by delivery service or postal mail to the address below.  Courtesy email noting time of mailed delivery with attached electronic copy of the proposal to

Yakama Nation

Attn: Tana Hoptowit

RE: Pineywoods Construction

P.O. Box 151

Toppenish, WA. 98948

(Hand Delivery/Shipping: 401 Fort Road, Toppenish, WA 98948, Room 8)