Request for Proposals: Piscoe Creek 80 Road Crossing - Opens 8/12

Close date: 
Wednesday, August 26

Yakama Nation is seeking bids for the installation of a bridge over Piscoe Creek on the 80 Road. Bids must be received by 5pm 8/26 (note this change from 12pm 8/26).

Please see the following link for an aerial video of the project site:  

Background: Piscoe Creek is a 4th order tributary of the Klickitat River which Forest Road 80 crosses approximately 0.34 miles upstream of its confluence with the Klickitat River. The project area is located on the Yakama Indian Reservation. The crossing has been a chronic road maintenance problem because of frequent road washouts due to failed or blocked culverts during high flows. The original road design and maintenance required to re-open and maintain the crossing has often left conditions for upstream fish passage impaired to most age classes. The upper Klickitat and Piscoe Creek provide spawning and rearing habitat for mid-Columbia ESA-threatened steelhead and resident rainbow trout.

Goal & Objectives: Provide a road crossing that solves chronic maintenance problems, allows upstream migration of all fish species for all age classes, and facilitates the longitudinal movement of wood and sediment across a wide range of flow conditions.

  • Remove existing undersized culverts under Forest Road 80 and replace with a prefabricated bridge.

  • Raise and regrade portion of FR 80 to provide a dry and firm road base on the 80 road approach to the Piscoe stream crossing.

Approach: The design proposes to remove the existing undersized culverts under Forest Road 80 and replace with a prefabricated bridge designed by Pacific Bridge and Construction. Minor edits to the streambed and banks will be made to align the channel.