RFP: Analysis & Design Services: Restoring Natural Drainage Patterns & Increasing Water Storage in Carrols Creek, A Tributary to the Little Klickitat River

Close date: 
Friday, October 15

The YAKAMA NATION (YN) ) Klickitat Watershed Enhancement Project (KWEP) is soliciting a Request for Proposals for Analysis and Design Services in the Little Klickitat River Basin on a tributary known as Carrols Creek in Washington State. This project will include an assessment of groundwater conditions, site surveys to determine design alternatives, and a selected design to attain shallow groundwater storage within the meadow and to route three existing channels via a natural drainage pattern.

KWEP works to restore, enhance, and protect watershed function in the Klickitat subbasin. Efforts emphasize restoration and protection of Endangered Species Act (ESA)-listed anadromous fish. Activities focus on improving stream processes by resolving watershed constraints and improving habitat conditions in support of species recovery.

The overall goal of the project is to increase the residence time of surface and ground water within the project reach with the intent of providing cooler water inputs to Carrols Creek during the critical low-flow summer and fall season. These flows will contribute to reducing stream temperatures in the Little Klickitat River Watershed. The expected approach to achieve this goal is to restore overbank flooding to increase infiltration in meadow soils and increase groundwater storage in the meadow during winter and spring.

Full reconnection of the floodplain wetland via low bank channel dimensions, remaindering, and added structural diversity are goals of the project but on-site infrastructure and road alignments will need to be taken into consideration. Proposals in response to the RFP should demonstrate approaches that will evaluate existing stream, meadow, and hydrologic conditions, theoretically reconstruct general or regionally pervasive historic conditions, and investigate changes resulting from past management practices.  The RFP should include the firm’s proposal for development of an alternative analysis for interventions that can assist in addressing the declining quantities of late season flow in Carrols Creek and subsequently, in the Little Klickitat River. 

*Note, in contrast to the attached maps, the expected work area is <30 acres at this stage. The maps suggest 60 acres, but that includes areas that we do not expect to treat.

Please contact Adrianne Grimm with questions or for more information: agrimm at ykfp.org

Please share this announcement with other interested parties.

Critical Dates:

Site Visit – north of Goldendale, WA

September 29th  – 11:00 am

Question Submission Deadline

October 11th  – 5:00 pm

Submission Deadline:

October 15th, 2021 ‐ 5:00 pm

Tentative Award Selection:

October 22, 2021

Project Initiation (est):

Nov 5, 2021

Project Completion (est):

     May 15, 2023