White Creek 191 Rd Fish Passage Construction

Close date: 
Friday, August 13

Three culverts at (46.142222, -121.077250) on the 191 Road over White Creek limit the passage of fish, biota, sediment, and woody debris at certain flows. One of the culverts is currently plugged. In 2020, Yakama Nation Fisheries solicited a competitive bid for design services to obtain design alternatives to provide passage at all flow ranges for this crossing. Waterways Consulting was chosen in early summer 2020, completed surveys of the site and developed alternative design options for the site. Ultimately, improving passage by replacing the culverts with a prefabricated bridge was selected.  With a new bridge in place, the crossing will provide year round passage for aquatic species and longitudinal movement of flood flows, wood and sediment as well as reduce risk of blowout at the culverts and associated emergency maintenance needs.

The RFP for construction will be realeased on: 7/22/2021. The RFP will close on: 8/13/2021. Please see the addendum below.

White Creek is located within the Closed Area of the Yakama Reservation, approximately 20 miles east of Mount Adams. White Creek flows into the Klickitat River at river mile 40. The White Creek sub-basin provides critical spawning and rearing habitat for ESA-listed Middle Columbia River steelhead and is a focal area for salmonid restoration efforts. Recent fisheries studies indicate that White Creek accounts for an average of 13 percent of the annual observed spawning in the Klickitat River Basin, although percentages as high as 31 percent have been noted (Yakama Nation Fisheries Program). Ongoing efforts to improve aquatic habitat conditions for ESA listed O. mykiss have focused on improving passage at major road crossings, restoring incised meadows and disconnected sections of headwater streams, and replenishing in-channel wood throughout the White Creek watershed.

Location of rock products provided by Yakama Nation: 46,149589, -121.163845

Site Videos:

Pole Creek Rock Pit: https://youtu.be/907MESBb6iw

White Creek Crossing Part 1: https://youtu.be/422V-WtWQlk

White Creek Crossing Part 2: https://youtu.be/fy-lrXEUsRQ