Media, please, contact Paul Ward at 509-865-5121 ext. 6363.

Winter Fishers Meeting

There will be a Winter Fisher's Meeting January 28, 2019
10am - 4pm at Legends Casino.  See agenda attached.

Yakama Nation Tribal Fishers Meeting

Roger Dick, Jr.

The Fish and Wildlife Committee directed Fisheries Staff to schedule a fishers meeting for Monday, January 28, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Legends Casino, Toppenish,    

2019 Open Sturgeon Setline Fishery

The Yakama Nation Fish & Wildlife Committee hereby authorize a commercial
setline fishery for white sturgeon in all of Zone 6 of the Columbia River.
7am Thursday January 3 to noon Thursday January 31, 2019

Extend Priest Rapids/ Wanapum Setlines

The sturgeon setline fishery in Priest Rapids and Wanapum Pools has been extended to close 
5pm Dec 22, 2018.  See Committee Action attached.

Expand Klickitat River Fishery

The coho returns to the Klickitat River are expected to be good and commercial
sales are open.  Therefore, the F&W committee EXPANDS the Klickitat River Fishery

Open Sturgeon Setline Fishery in Bonneville Pool

There are harvestable numbers of sturgeon availabile in the Bonneville Pool.
The Fish and Wildlife Committee has authorized a commercial sturgeon
setline fishery in Bonneville Pool from 6am Wed October 17 to 

Close Fall chinook opening on Yakima River

Due to the low fall chinook returns to date, the Fish and Wildlife Committee is closing
the weekly subsistence fishing period on the Yakima River. 
See attached Committee Action for dettails.

Reduce Klickitat Weekly Openings

Klickitat River fall chinook returns have been less than expected causing
concern for broodstock collection goals.  Therefore the Fish & Wildlife committee

Additional Fall Gillnet Week

The Fish & Wildlife committee authorize another week of gillnet fishing opportunity
6am Wednesday Oct 3 to 6pm Saturday October 6, 2018.
Regs attached

Additional Fall Gillnet week

The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorize additional gillnet fishing opening
in Zone 6 of the Columbia River from 6am Wednesday Sept 26 to 6pm
Friday Sept 28, 2018.  

2018 Fall Commercial Gillnet Opening

The Fish and Wildlife Committee authorize additional gillnet fishing time
in Zone 6 of the Columbia River from 6am Wednesday Sept 19 to 6pm
Saturday Sept. 22, 2018.  Full regs attached.

2018 Fall Fisheries Announcement

  • Fall Chinook has been lower than expected and Upriver Bright Fall Chinook (URB)
  • have been downgraded to 138,600 at the mouth of the Columbia River. 

Additional Fall Gillnet week

The Fish and Wildlife Commitee has authorized additional fall gillnet fishing time
from 6am Monday September 10 to 6pm Friday September 14, 2018.
See regs attached

2018 Fall Commercial Gillnet Openings

The Fish and Wildlife Commitee authorize the first 2 Commercial Fall Gillnet Openings
6am Monday Aug 27 - 6pm Thursday Aug 30 and
6am Monday Sep 3 - 6pm Friday Sep 7, 2018
See full regs attached

CLOSE the platform/h&l fishery

As of July 21,the Zone 6 treaty catch guideline has been exceeded.  Therefore,
the F&W Commitee hereby close the Platform H&L Fishery in the Columbia River

Open Setline Fishery in John Day Pool

There are 48 havestable sturgeon available in the John Day Pool.  Therefore, the
F&W Committee authorizes a commercial sturgeon setline season in the John Day Pool