The fish in the Columbia River and its tributaries are of paramount importance to our people, our diet, and our health.

Through our treaty-reserved rights, we advocate for the resources that cannot speak for themselves, and we provide outreach and education activities that empower others to do the same.

Our biologists and technicians are out in the field every day, actively restoring the river in accordance with our traditions and rigorous science.

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From Fish Hatchery Management to Drummers and Dreamers, take a look at some of our favorite books.

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Xapnish Property - Toppenish Creek

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The Fish & Wildlife committee has directed Fisheries Staff to schedule a Fisher's Meeting
for January 25, 2016 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Eagle Selatsee Auditorium, YN Agency Headquarters.

The setline fishery in The Dalles Pool will reopen from 6am November 16 and close 6pm November 25, 2015.

Bonneville Pool will reopen from 6am November 27 and close 6pm December 31, 2015.  

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The tribal sturgeon setline fishery normally begins January 1 st of each year. At
the present time harvestable numbers of sturgeon are available
Rob Phillips, Yakima Herald-Republic
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