The fish in the Columbia River and its tributaries are of paramount importance to our people, our diet, and our health.

Through our treaty-reserved rights, we advocate for the resources that cannot speak for themselves, and we provide outreach and education activities that empower others to do the same.

Our biologists and technicians are out in the field every day, actively restoring the river in accordance with our traditions and rigorous science.

Project Spotlight

Washington state now requires all K-12 schools to teach a new curriculum called Since Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty in Washington State. The Yakama Nation has been an active participant in the development of the curriculum, which educators will use as they teach...

Project Spotlight

Yakama Nation Harvest Management

Under the Treaty of 1855, the Yakama Nation reserved the right to fish, hunt and gather and other rights at all usual and accustomed places. This includes the preservation of fish habitat at all usual and accustomed fishing places...

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Harvest News

The winter gillnet fishery in The Dalles and John Day Pools has been extended
to 6pm Tuesday February 19, 2019.  Committee Action attached
The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorize a commercial gillnet season on the
Columbia River.  The Dalles and John Day Pools open 
6am Friday Feb 1 - 6pm Wednesday Feb 13, 2019.

Latest News

The sturgeon setline fishery in Priest Rapids and Wanapum Pools has been extended to close 
5pm Dec 22, 2018.  See Committee Action attached.