Yakama Nation Brownfields Project

Project abstract: 

The Yakama Nation's Fisheries Resource Management Program (FRMP) is tasked with managing and carrying out the deliverables for the Tribal Response grant. FRMP's goal is "to preserve, protect, enhance, and restore culturally important fish populations and their habitat throughout the Zone of Influence of the Yakama Nation and to protect the rights of Yakama Nation members to utilize these resources as reserved for them in the Treaty of 1855 (12 stat 951)." Using this goal as the guidance for the TRP, we will focus on cleaning up the Columbia River and contaminated sites in our ceded area and usual and accustomed places. It is important to do so in order to honor, protect, and restore the Yakama's culturally important resources. The ability to harvest traditional foods, such as salmon, that are free from contamination is vital to the health, welfare, and way of life of the Yakama people.

Project plan: 

The initial priority of this program is to evaluate and rank hazardous waste sites impacting the Yakama Nation’s aquatic resources. The initial inventory of sites has been developed and consists of sites from EPA, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), and Washington State Department of Ecology (WADOE) databases along the Columbia River and its tributaries.

Project progress: 

Currently, the majority of the sites in our inventory have been identified, and we are focusing on the prioritization of these sites using our guidance document, which was developed in October, 2010. This is an iterative process; non-listed sites or sites of concern may be identified and added to the inventory at anytime for future assessment. Under this funding, Brownfield sites will be assessed for priority restoration or habitat enhancement projects. As this process progresses, the identification of roles and responsibilities for effective coordination with programs within Yakama Nation’s Department of Natural Resources (Environmental Restoration/Waste Management, Environmental Program, Solid Waste, Water Resources, Water Code, Wildlife, Forestry, etc.) will be essential for determining our involvement at cleanup sites. Yakama Nation’s coordinated involvement at a cleanup site ensures response actions and restoration activities are protective of Yakama Nation’s treaty resources.

Below is an interactive map of the sites in the Lower Columbia River that have been identified to be of interest. Click on individual pins to learn more information about a site.

View Lower Columbia River Sites in a larger map

Disclaimer: The data to display this map is from public databases and is intended for information only.

Public Record: Updated March 2018

Site Name Latitude Longitude Address Site Type Response Actions Completed In Previous Year Response Actions Planned for Upcoming Year Response Actions Complete? Site Suitable for Unrestricted Use? Institutional Controls In Place? Lead Agency Yakama Nation Status
Vancouver Port of NuStar Cadet Swan



Port of Vancouver Terminal #2, 2565 NW

Manufacturing and Bulk Chemical Handling Remedial Actions in Upland Restart of Remedial Investigaiton due to finding of new contamination. No TBD Awaiting Final Cleanup Ecology Funding and Participation Agreement
BNSF Wishram



0.75 miles south of Wishram Heights Track Switching Facility and Historic Maintence Yard Independent Actions Remedial Investigation No TBD Awaiting Final Cleanup Ecology  Funding and Partipcation Agreement
Pacific Wood Treating 45.818 -122.748 111 West Division Ridgefield, WA 98642 Wood treating facility In- Water Remedial actions Continued Upland Offsite Remedial Actions No TBD Unknown WA Dept. of Ecology Tracking Project
Canyon Creek Dump 45.592 -122.196 2011 Canyon Creek Rd. Washougal, WA Former solid waste dump Site visit by Yakama Nation Staff Unknown Unknown TBD Unknown None Site Visit with Ecology and Landowner
Park Laundry 45.816 -122.745 122 N Main Ave. Ridgefield, WA 98642 Former dry cleaners Awaiting remedial action Unknown Yes TBD Unknown WA Dept. of Ecology No Further Action Anticipated
Cascade Locks Lumber Co. 45.683 -121.860 Forest Lane Cascade Locks, OR 97014 Former lumber mill Remedial actions Continue remedial actions No TBD Unknown ODEQ Tracking Project
RAMCO Aluminum Waste Disposal 45.628 -121.125 104 PARALLEL ST Dallesport, WA 98617 Former smelting facility Remedial Actions Possible Groundwater Monitoring No TBD Unknown WA Dept. of Ecology Tracking Project
Zidell Waterfront Property 45.500 -122.670 3121 SW Moody Ave. Portland, OR 97201 Former WWII ship scrap metal recycling facility Remedial actions Continue Operation and Maintence No TBD Engineered cap, Easement Equitable Servitude ODEQ TBD
Former Reynolds Aluminum Plant 46.141 -122.996 4029 Industrial Way Longview, WA 98632 Former aluminum smelting facility Early Actions Cleanup Action Plan and Implementaiton No TBD Unknown WA Dept. of Ecology Tracking Project
Astoria Marine Construction Company 46.144 -123.861 92134 Front Rd. Astoria, OR 97103 Former Marine Construction facility NPL Listing Deferral, Record of Decision Potential Remedial Design Elements No TBD Unknown ODEQ Tracking Project Settlment has been reached PRP
Columbia Gorge Aluminum Company 45.727 -120.682 85 John Day Dam Rd. Goldendale, WA 98620 Former Aluminum Smelting Company Demolition of Former Aluminum Facility, Draft RI work plan Remedial Investigation No TBD Unknown WA Dept. of Ecology Tracking Project
Davey Crockett Barge Oil Spill 45.582 -122.473 N/A Oil spill from grounded barge Destruction and Removal of Barge None Yes TBD No U.S. Coast Guard; WA Dept. of Ecology; ODEQ No Further Actions Anticipated
ALCOA Vancouver 45.651 -122.731 5701 NW Lower River Rd. Vancouver, WA 98666 Former Aluminum Smelting Company Remedial Actions/ Supplemental Cleanup Plan/ Consent Decree Unknown Ongoing TBD Unknown WA Dept. of Ecology Tracking Project
Yakima Hops  46.223 -120.004 241 Monroe St.
Mabton, WA
Former Hop Pole Treating Area  Further Investigation and Remedial Actions EPA No Further Action No TBD No EPA No Further Actions Anticipated
Goodnoe Hills Treaty Fishing Access Site  45.706 -120.501 N/A 1970s Train Derailment Remedial Actions- Confirmation Sampling Ecology Groundwater Investigation TBD TBD Unknown U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tracking Project
Weyerhaeuser Longview 46.129 -122.989
3401 Industrial Way
Longview, WA 98632
Pulp and Paper complex NPDES Permit Update N/A N/A TBD N/A WA Dept. of Ecology Tracking Project
Armstrong World Industries 45.844 -122.818
  1645 Railroad Ave. St. Helens 97051
Fiberboard Production Plant Draft RI/FS In-water Investigation and Upland Remediation TBD TBD Unknown ODEQ Tracking Project

Project Photos:

  • Map of Prioriety Sites in the Lower Columbia River
  • March 2013 Public Record Map
  • Map of Prioriety Sites in the Lower Columbia River

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10/01/2009 - Present
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