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YKFP Klickitat Hatchery Manager
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Mount Hood C.C., Fisheries Technology, A.A. 1989

University of Washington, Fisheries Science, B.S. 1997

Project:  YKFP Klickitat Hatchery

It is my interest to produce the best fish that the Klickitat Hatchery (KH) can provide for release into the Klickitat River Basin, with an eye on the improvement of cultural methodologies with attention to diet, health, physiology, rearing environment, and fish stocks; all of this undertaken within the confines of a tight Mitchell Act budget.

 I rely on innovative ideas produced here and networked within federal, state and tribal (YN incl), fisheries organizations, as well as from fisheries minded professionals throughout the NW.  For example, we have initiated projects that streamline activities related to ponding large populations of fry, and fish movement between raceways and large acclimation/rearing ponds. I am look forward to the challenges relative to launching hatchery reform efforts at the KH and at a downstream project site, actions that include planning, implementation, coordination and logistics.  

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