2018 Fall Fisheries Announcement

  • Fall Chinook has been lower than expected and Upriver Bright Fall Chinook (URB)
  • have been downgraded to 138,600 at the mouth of the Columbia River. 
  • There is concern Fall Chinook may drop lower as daily passage at Bonneville Dam continues to lag. 
  • The States of Oregon and Washington have taken Action to close all State Fall Chinook Fisheries. 
  • The tribes met and decided to wait until Tuesday, September 18, 2018 to decide on the Fall Season. 
  • If the URB run size drops even lower, there is risk the Treaty Fishery will exceed the
  • URB Harvest Rate Limit and all Treaty Salmon Fisheries on the Columbia River would need to close, including the Platform/hook and line. 
  • The US v OR Technical Advisory Committee will continue meeting weekly on Mondays to update run sizes and catches.
  • The Tribes will also continue meeting weekly to consider further fishing opportunity.

See attached for full announcement