Fall Ceremonial Permits and Sales Closure

The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorize fall ceremonial permit fishing from
6am Mon Aug 19 - 6pm Thurs Aug 22.  Individual action by the F&W committee is still
required to set fishing details for each permit.  Section 32.18.03.B.4 of the Revised Law
& Order Code of the Yakama Nation states it shall be unlawful to: "Engage in ceremonial
gillnet fishing in the Columbia River during any day or part of a week which is or will be open
for commercial fishing." Therefore the F&W committee hereby closes commercial sale for
Platform/H&L fishery in the Columbia River from 11:59pm Sat Aug 17 - 12:01am Mon 
Aug 26, 2019.
Contact Raemelle at the F&W committee office for permit applications.
See regs attached.