Regulations for Drano Lake Fishery May 2022

The Yakama Nation Fish & Wildlife Committee authorized the following set of regulations to be in effect during the spring fishery in Drano Lake for May 18, 2022. To increase opportunity beyond 20 lottery permits, the F&W Committee authorizes an experimental Hook and Line fishery on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, according to the regulations on the attached page. This will provide greater opportunity for all members of the Yakama Nation, especially for our youth and elders to be able to participate in this unique fishing opportunity. 
CLARIFICATION FOR FISHERS: DRANO LAKE FISHERY on Weds May 18, 2022 is OPEN to ALL enrolled YN Members. This is not a lottery fishery, it's an open hook and line fishery.
Because of the unique conditions at Drano Lake, the following special provisions in addition to Revised Yakama Code Chapter 32.01 will be required to maintain an orderly fishery: 
1. A Drano Lake fishery is scheduled according to the following open period: 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. (16 hours) Wednesday, May 18, 2022.
2. The area open to fishing encompasses all of Drano Lake from the highway bridge at the outlet to the orange markers near the mouth of the Little White Salmon River.
3. Each fisher may use two (2) hook and line poles with bait or lures from bank or boat. Fishing from boats, including trolling, is allowed. All other types of gear and methods are prohibited. Snagging or gaffing of fish is specifically prohibited.
4. This fishery is for Ceremonial & Subsistence use only. No Sales Allowed.
5. Platforms and the platform distance of 25-feet from other gears are not in effect and new platform construction is not allowed.
6. Fishers must have in their possession at all times a Yakama Enrollment card.
7. Fishers may be required to present their catch for inspection and sampling upon request of the enforcement agent or the fisheries monitor.
8. YN Parking Permits are not required but are available and suggested to reduce parking violations.