River accessible to upstream salmon migration after ninety-nine year absence

Steelhead jumping at BZ Falls upstream of the former Condit Dam

Yakama Nation and USGS confirms Salmon in the upper White Salmon

Husum, Wash. - The Yakama Nation confirms the presence of salmon in the White Salmon basin. Condit Dam was breached on October 26th, 2011 making the river accessible to upstream salmon migration for the first time in 99 years. 

“We are able to witness the first salmon returning to the White Salmon River,” said Virgil Lewis,chairman of the Yakama Nation’s Fish and Wildlife Committee. “We see these salmon as leadersthat are creating a path for other salmon to come back.”

Representatives from Yakama Nation Fisheries and USGS were on site at Husum Falls and BZ Falls. “It is exciting to see these first fish return,” said Jeanette Burkhardt with Yakama Nation Fisheries. “Seeing them jump at the falls this far upstream is confirmation that salmon can re-colonize the White Salmon River.”

“Many fish bigger than resident trout were seen jumping at BZ and Husum Falls, likely adult hatchery steelhead,” confirms Brady Allen, USGS Fish Biologist. “This shows steelhead can ascend Husum and BZ Falls and the rapids upstream at least to BZ Falls.”

Multiple adult salmon were observed jumping at both Husum Falls at river mile 7.6 and BZ Falls at river mile 12.4. Both these location are upstream of Condit Dam at river mile 3.3

“These salmon show us that they can migrate up the water falls and respond to the changes in habitat,” said Virgil Lewis.

About The Yakama Nation

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