Winter Gillnet Season Reg Modifications

Good numbers of fish remain on the sturgeon catch guidelines for both The Dalles and Bonneville Pools.  To avoid issues that harm populations in each pool, it makes it unfeasible
to have both pools open with inconsistent slot limits.  Therefore, the Fish, Wildlife, and Law and Order Committee hereby close the Winter Gillnet Season in The Dalles Pool, effective 6 pm Monday, March 3, 2014.   The Dalles Pool will RE-OPEN from 6am Thursday, March 13, 2014 until 6pm Saturday March 22, 2014, but may close sooner if the sturgeon harvest guidelines are achieved.  
Good numbers of smaller sturgeon are available for harvest in the Bonneville Pool, therefore the Fish, Wildlife, and Law and Order Committee hereby modify the legal-size limit in the Bonneville Pool to 38 inches to 54 inches Fork Length effective 6 am Satruday March 1, 2014.  Additionally, the Winter Gillnet Season will CLOSE in the Bonneville Pool at 6pm Wednesday March 12, 2014.
See the attached Official Actions for further details on the Winter Gillnet Seasons in Bonneville and The Dalles Pools.
These regulations are pursuant to Title 32. 1.4 of the Revised Law & Order Code af the Yakama Nation. Authority to enforce these regulations is provided under Section 32.18.07 of the Code. Violations of any of these regulations.are punishable under Section 32.18.07 of the Code.