Harvest Updates

Yakama Nation Harvest Management

Under the Treaty of 1855, the Yakama Nation reserved the right to fish, hunt and gather and other rights at all usual and accustomed places. This includes the preservation of fish habitat at all usual and accustomed fishing places. 

The Yakama Nation manages fisheries resources to ensure continued access by Yakama members to fulfill their ceremonial, subsistence and commercial needs.  This treaty reserved right includes the right to have fish present to harvest, at all usual and accustomed places.

Harvest News

The Fish & Willdife Committee authorizes two (2) additional summer commercial gillnet openings in Zone 6 of the Columbia River from 6am Wednesday July 01 to 6pm Friday July 03,2020 and 6am Monday July 06 to 6pm Thursday July 09, 2020.  

The Fish & Wildlife Committee hereby modifies the opening of the Klickitat River Fishery to Noon Tuesdays, June 23 through 6pm Saturdays December 26, 2020.

See regs attached

Leavenworth NFH has met their broodstock collection goal.  Therefore the Fish & Wildlife Committee expands the weekly fishing periods on the Icicle River to 6am Mondays - 6pm Saturdays from Monday June 22 - July 25, 2020.  

The Fish & Wildlife Committee authroizes the first summer commercial gillnet opening in Zone 6 of the Columbia River from 6am Monday June 22 - 6pm Wednesday June 24, 2020.  See regs attached

The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorize fish caught with subsistence gears in Zone 6 and in selected YN tributary fisheries to be allowed for commercial sales from 6am Monday June 22, 2020 through 11:59pm Friday July 31, 2020.  See full regs...

The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorizes a subsistence fishery for lamprey will
be held during the months of June and July 2020 and fishing must be conducted
by permit shown on the attached permit.

The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorizes the modification of the Icicle River
subsistence fishing regulations to allow weekly openings on the Icicle River from

In accordance with "Public Safety Announcement No. 2" issued March 25, 2020,
the Fish & Wildlife Committee approve concurrent safety guidelines for fishing for
Platform, Hook and Line regulations for the Columbia River and tributary seasons are
contained in the attached resolution

The 2020 Ceremonial Permit Request Form is attached.

Print, fill out and submit to YN Fish & Wildlife Committee for approval.