News/Announcements - Harvest

Media, please, contact Paul Ward at 509-865-5121 ext. 6363.

Extend Klickitat River Fishery

The Spring chinook escapement is on track to meet broodstock, therefore the
Fish &Wildlife Committee extends the Klickitat River Fishery through

Cancel 2nd Drano Lake Opening

Spring chinook returns continue to be low.  The F&W Committee does
not want to draw names for the Drano Lake fishery until good numbers

Close Winter Gillnet Season in Bonneville Pool

The sturgeon harvest guideline in the Bonneville Pool is expected to
be achieved and the winter gillnet season will close 6pm Friday, March 17, 2017.  

Fisher's Meeting March 21, 2017

A Fisher's meeting is scheduled for
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 from 10am to 4pm at 
the Hood River Inn.  Please see full agenda attached.

Open 2017 Winter Gillnet Season

The Fish and Wildlife Committee approves the commercial
winter gillnet fishery for Zone 6 of the Columbia River according
to the regulations on the attached pages.  Please see the attached

2017 Smelt Permit

There is evidence that smelt may be moving into the Cowlitz River.
 Attached is the 2017 smelt permit application.
Submit the completed application to Raemelle Kiona and she will issue the permit.

Week Nine Gillnet Opening

The F&W Committe authorize a 9th fall commercial gillnet opening in zone 6
from 6 am Monday October 17 to 6 pm October 21, 2016.  
See attached regs for full details.

Open Fall Commercial Gillnet

The Fish and Wildlife Committee authorize the first 4 2016 fall commercial gillnet fishing periods
in Zone 6 of the Columbia River.  From:
6am Monday August 22 to 6 pm Friday August 26,

Open Summer Fisheries!

YN F&W Committee authorize 6am June 16 the opening of commercial sales of fish caught with
subsistence gears in Zone 6 and in selected YN tributaries.  See attached regs for full details.

Expand Icicle River Fishing

Spring Chinook are entering the Icicle River in good numbers.  Leavenworth NFH staff has
indicated they have met their broodstock need.  Therefore, the Fish and Wildlife Committee

Close Commercial sale of Platform H&L Fish

Platform/H&L catches have exceeded projections to the point there is risk of exceeding
the Treaty Catch Guideline before the end of the spring management period. Therefore

Extend Klickitat River Fishery

The Klickitat Hatchery is on track is on track to make broodstock with good numbers reported
to have passed Fishway #5.  Therefore, the F&W Committee hereby extends the Klickitat River

Open Spring Commercial Gillnet


The Fish & Wildlife Committee authorize a commercial gillnet fishery in all of Zone 6 of the Columbia River from 6 am May 25 to 6pm May 27, 2016.  There will be no mesh restriction and all rivermouth and dam sanctuaries are still in effect.