Chewuch River Mile 10 Project

Project abstract: 

The Chewuch River Mile 10 Fish Habitat Enhancement Project (RM10), improves stream complexity by improving available instream habitat, increasing side channel and off channel habitat, and stabalizing eroding banks. The RM10 project encompasses 0.85 miles of river length and provides benefits to spring chinook, Upper Columbia steelhead and bull trout, as well as providing habitat for resident fish species.

Project goals: 

The Chewuch River supports numerous salmonids, some of which are listed under the Endagered Species Act (ESA), including spring chinook, Upper Columbia steelhead and bull trout. The Yakama Nation, working collaboratively with the landowner, designed this project to increase survival rates for young of the year (YOY) spring chinook, Upper Columbia steelhead and bull trout by:

  • construct eight engineered log structures (ELS),
  • construct 1300 feet of  backwater channel habitat,
  • replace an undersize culvert,
  • and replant all disturbed areas.
Project plan: 

The ELS's were constructed on private land, working collaboratively with the landowner,along 0.85 miles of Chewuch River shoreline. The location of each ELS was strategically positioned to provide the most benefit for emerging, rearing and staging fish. A total of 173 Douglas Fir trees were used for the construction of the ELS's, with each structure ballasted by large boulders to ensure no movement during high water events.

The backwater channel is 1,300 feet long and located in an historic remanant side channel. The backwater channel starts at the outlet of an existing ground water produced pond, on the private property, and connects to the Chewuch River on the downstream end of the property. Deepening the remnant channel and installing a properly sized culvert ensures access for both anadromous and resident fish year round. Pools and cover habitat were created within the channel using 47 pieces of large woody material.

All disturbed areas were replanted with native stock that had been collected a year prior to construction.

Project progress: 
Activity Type - Floodplain Restoration - Washington
Channel Connectivity/Rehabilitation/Creation - Floodplain Restoration 1,227 Linear Feet  
Activity-Fish Passage Improvement
Number of Blockages/Impediments/Barriers Removed/Altered 01 Number 10/31/2011
Activity-High Level Habitat
Miles Of Stream Made Accessible 00.25 Miles 10/31/2011
Total Miles Of Instream Habitat Treated 00.5 Miles  

Activity-Instream Habitat Project
Acres Of Channel/Off-Channel Connected Or Added 01.5 Acres  
Instream Pools Created/Added 05 Number  
Miles of Off-Channel Stream Created 00.25 Miles  
Miles of Stream Treated for channel reconfiguration and connectivity 00.25 Miles  
Number of structures placed in channel 06 Number

Project Photos:

Status: Completed

09/12/2011 to 10/19/2012
Location Area (Basin, Sub-Basin): 
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