Entiat Stilwaters 3-D Reach Assessment

Project abstract: 

In 2009, the Yakama Nation  procured field investigations and analyses for fish habitat project alternatives for Reach 3-D of the Entiat River.  The 3-D Reach starts at River Mile (RM)24 and ends at RM 25.  The 3-D reach has been listed as a priority reach by the Bureau of Reclamation's Priority Reach Assessment Analyses.  The Regional Technical Team (RTT) selected priority reaches and drafted priority actions for implementing habitat actions on February 11, 2009 for the Stillwaters area (that includes the 3-D reach).  Priority actions included:  protect large intact riparian areas or allow for side channel reconnection, restore natural channel processes and increase large woody debris retention and recruitment to increase complexity in a manner that is consistent with natural channel structure and function.  In addition, the implementation of the proposed 3-D reach habitat treatments are in compliance with the Intensively Monitored Watershed

Project progress: 

The Reach Assessment was completed in March 2010. The Reach Assessment document msy be downloaded from this site.

Status: Completed

12/15/2009 to 03/15/2010
Location Area (Basin, Sub-Basin): 
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