Nason Creek Recreation and Large Wood Assessment

Project abstract: 

This report presents the findings of the Nason Creek Recreation Assessment.  The goal of this study is to support the work of the Yakama Nation and partners as they continue to seek ways to balance the ecological benefits of habitat restoration projects for salmonid species with the safety and recreation experience of river users.
This study employed a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to achieve the following objectives:
- Characterize existing boating recreation use levels;
- Describe the “typical” skill level, preferences and behavior of Nason Creek boaters;
- Establish a baseline characterization of existing large woody material (LW) with
respect to river navigability during the high-use season;
- Provide an overview of County search and rescue response capability; and
- Present boater perspectives on potential river hazards and related river management approaches.

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Status: Active

12/19/2013 - Present