Chewuch River 8 Mile Ranch Project

Project abstract: 

The 8 Mile Ranch Project (8 Mile Ranch) restores habitat and hydraulic refuge for fish rearing and holding within one reach of the Chewuch River. The work performed provides fish habitat, stream complexity and restores a functional riparian zone in an area currently without any vegetation.

Project goals: 

The Chewuch River supports salmonids that are currently listed under the Endagered Species Act (ESA), including spring chinook, Upper Columbia steelhead, and bull trout. In order to provide benefits to the listed species, the Yakama Nation worked collaboratively with the U.S. Forest Service, the land manager,to accomplish 3 goals:

  1. Restore a functional riverine system by installing eight engineered log structures,
  2. Restore a riparian buffer zone by setting the pasture fence back 150' from the streambank,
  3. Restock roughly seven acres with riparian plants.
Project plan: 

The project was designed to use 272 Douglas fir trees in the construction of 8 Engineered Log Structures (ELS) along a 0.7 mile stretch of the Chewuch River shoreline. Each ELS was strategically positioned so as to provide maximum benefit for emergant, rearing and staging fish. The structures were ballasted by large rocks (up to 2 cubic yards) to ensure that no movement of the ELS would occur during high-water events. Each ELS was configured in the field by our engineers.

At the start of this project, there was literally no vegetation in the riparian corridor because the corridor was within the fenced pasture. The project was designed to remove 3,300 feet of fence, then set a new fence line 150 feet back from the shoreline to create a new riparian corridor.

After setting the new fence, new riparian plants will be introduced into the newly created 125 foot wide buffer zone.

Project progress: 

The project was completed in fall of 2012.

  • Fence Removal / Installation 2011-2012
  • Instream Work July 2012
  • Riparian Zone Planting 2012
Activity-High Level Habitat
Total Miles Of Instream Habitat Treated 00.7 Miles  
Total Riparian Acres Treated 07.1 Acres 10/19/2012
Total Riparian Miles Streambank Treated 00.7 Miles 10/12/2012
Activity-Instream Habitat Project
Instream Pools Created/Added 05 Number  
Miles of Streambank Stabilized 00.35 Miles  
Number of structures placed in channel 05 Number 7/31/2012
Activity-Riparian Habitat Project
Acres of Riparian Area Protected by fencing 07.8 Acres 11/9/2012
Miles of Fence Along Stream 00.75 Miles 11/9/2012

Project Photos:

Status: Completed

10/10/2011 to 10/26/2012
Location Area (Basin, Sub-Basin): 
In partnership with: 

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