Goodfellow/Chotzen Floodplain Reconnection

Project abstract: 

The proposed Goodfellow/Chotzen Floodplain Reconnection Project (Sunnyslope side channel) utilizes natural processes to restore floodplain functions in an approximately 5-acre area located along the left bank (north side) of the Wenatchee River at RM 1.4. The project will remove a low earthen berm from the floodplain, allowing water from an existing side channel to access a larger portion of its historic floodplain during high flows. Additionally, a ~375 foot-long backwater channel will be excavated into the floodplain to serve as a reconnection point for water flowing across the newly opened floodplain area. All disturbed areas will be revegetated with native riparian species.

Project goals: 

Removal of the earthen berm will improve function for the river and existing side channel through natural processes. The excavated backwater channel at the reconnection point will be accessible to juvenile salmonidsusing the Wenatchee River mainstem, and will function as high-flow refuge and offchannel foraging area. The project will allow the Wenatchee River mainstem to better access a larger portion of its floodplain during high flow periods, while also increasing the quality/quantity of vegetation in the riparian corridor.

Goal: 0.25 mile

Project plan: 

The Sunnyslope side channel project is located on the Wenatchee River at RM (river mile) 1.4.  This excavated side channel is approximately 1,350 feet in length.  It is connected to a natural side channel of the Wenatchee River at the upstream end and flows into the mainstem of the Wenatchee River at the downstream end.  This project goal was to create a groundwater-fed side channel with an upstream connection during high flows (approximately 7,000 cfs).  The ground water will provide a cool refuge during hot summer temperatures creating juvenile anadromous salmonid rearing habitat.  Based on the natural side channel connected at the upstream end, adult salmonid spawning may also be a possibility within the new channel.  

Project progress: 
Activity-High Level Habitat
Total Miles Of Instream Habitat Treated 00.25 Miles  

Activity-Instream Habitat Project
Acres Of Channel/Off-Channel Connected Or Added 00.23 Acres  
Instream Pools Created/Added 01 Number  
Miles of Off-Channel Stream Created 00.25 Miles  
Number of structures placed in channel 01 Number

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Status: Completed

08/16/2010 to 09/30/2010
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