Status and Trends Annual Report

Project abstract: 

The Status and Trends Annual Report (STAR) Project summarizes fish population status and trends, habitat restoration action implementation, Yakama Nation production and reintroduction programs, and Federal mainstem hydrosystem improvements as they affect Yakama Nation treaty-trust aquatic species and their habitats. The initial focus of the project is to document and summarize work that is funded through the 2008 Columbia Basin Fish Accords and any potential benefits, but has expanded to include all Treaty-trust species of importance to the Yakama Nation. For Yakama Nation staff, the STAR Project provides access to interactive information management resources at a detailed and high level (digital field data entry, query, reports, mapper) covering the work of YN Fisheries Projects, accessible through the STAR Dashboard. (In development). Contact the project manager directly for more information.

Project goals: 

The goal of the STAR Project is to support mitigation described in the 2008 FCRPS Biological Opinion (BiOp) (NOAA, 2008), the Columbia Basin Fish Accords (Accords) (BPA, 2008) and Accord extensions, and obligations of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council (NPCC) Fish and Wildlife Program by annually reporting progress towards restoration goals. The STAR Project: 1) evaluates implementation progress, 2) summarizes status and trend, 3) supports data management efficiency, regional reporting and outreach efforts, and 4) is a resource for the managers and decision makers of the Yakama Nation. Initially focusing on work benefiting ESA-listed anadromous salmonids, the long term goal is to cover all treaty-trust species of management concern to the Yakama Nation and their habitats.

Project plan: 

Many natural resource programs do not have a single resource available that clearly identifies the range of restoration activities that have occurred historically, are currently being implemented, or are planned. It can also be difficult to determine the current and historic monitoring locations for populations and habitats carried out  throughout the area. STAR is a resource that helps to fill this gap. It also helps to provide co-managers, legislators, co-operators, funding agencies, staff members, and the public with access to salmonid and habitat recovery status and trend summaries at various scales, summarize progress toward recovery and restoration goals in support of management decisions. 

Project progress: 

Since 2013, the STAR Project has produced annual reports summarizing the status and trend of the Yakama Nation's priority fish species, habitat restoration, production, and reintroduction activities, Tribal harvest, and Federal hydrosystem improvements that benefit fish. To improve the efficiency of gathering and summarizing information, STAR has also been facilitiating improvements in data capture and sharing processes through the development of digital tools, automated reports, consolidated datasets, and online platforms. These improvements support the needs of the STAR Project, individual Fisheries project's data review and reporting needs, and regional sharing initiatives. Working project by project, the benefits of these improvements are iteratively being realized.

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Project Photos:

  • Photo collage - implementation of restoration work
  • STAR project structure
  • STAR project structure